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Is this your first phone sex call? The first call can seem intimidating. Not to worry, the girls of first phone sex are accommodating and will bring you along slowly if you so desire. This is for the serious hobbyist as well as guys who just like to call a hard body from time to time. There is a lot to be said for talking to a girl while you pull your pud. They are alive, enthusiastic, and willing to try anything. Before you dial the number, have a fantasy in mind. It need not be mainstream or even acceptable to most folks. If it turns you on, is what is important. The operator is going to ask you some questions. Answer them honestly. It will save time and therefor money. Dig down to your deepest, darkest, fantasy and share it with her. You will love the experiance. If you are self-conscious then you need to relax. Time is money and all sorts of hemming and hawing is not going to help you. Have a plan or at the very least a topic of conversation. All numbers carry the satisfaction guarantee.

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